Will You Be My Page Boy Gifts?

There is no particular process of securing a page boy for a wedding. It only begins with a proper request, which would be received by the parents of the intended page boy. However, there are cute ways to go about this. Ways that can’t be rejected, they are by offering page boy gifts. 

Let’s see this as a mini proposal to an adorable little one. Page boys are often informed in sweet and creative ways. 

One might ask – Why so? The role of a page boy is so significant that it sends a sweet feeling down the spine of wedding guests. Let’s take a short cruise around it.

Role of a Page Boy

A page boy takes on the unique role of beautifying a wedding. You might ask in what way? 

Page boys, who are usually between the age of 3 and 7 years old, are used mainly to give the wedding, particularly the bride’s entrance aspect, a cute and significant memory. 

How does it feel to have a cute little boy with lovely curled hair in a beautiful boys suit, walk the bride’s train down the aisle? 

That sweet feeling in you is aroused, and you love the sight. 

So do you sometimes attend a wedding and see a boy make an entrance in probably a beautiful cream suit and tie, white dress shirt and black dress pants, complemented by sparkling dress shoes? He is most likely the page boy, or in some cases the ring bearer. 

Although he can walk down the bride’s train empty-handed, he can further be made to carry a sign informing of the bride’s entrance or a wedding sparkler, if he’s old enough to handle it.

Will You be my Page Boy Gift Ideas

As earlier stated, requesting a boy to be a page boy usually comes in style and creative ways. Couples can decide however they wish to make the request. 

Are you planning to get one for that cute boy you want to be your page boy? 

It is not to be bothered on. Will you be my page boy gifts can come simply and uniquely. 

What is most prevalent are gift cards, with the boy’s name written on it and a stylishly printed request. 

Thought about a; “We want you as our page boy, Christine.” “Joshua, will you be our page boy” or more sensationally – “We can’t hook up without you there. Larry. Will you be our Page Boy?”

Meanwhile, cards aren’t the only deliverables in making a request. What about packaging a beautiful bow tie and attach a “Harry, we can’t tie the knots without you, will you be our Page Boy?” 

Talk of something the little boy can relate to pretty much; a teddy bear with a shirt inscribed with the boy’s name and a “will you be our page boy?”

Does The Boy get a Gift after the Wedding?

Page Boy roles are so vital that they get a gift even after the wedding. 

Although this isn’t mandatory, it’s the standard practice. It shows how important the boy’s role was. 

What then can you give the little King who made everyone’s heart melt with his cute loving entrance? 

There are various ideas to explore in compensating the little child. A frame is the most common. However, there are other ideas for page boy gifts.

Try having the cute child’s picture during the role and incorporating it into a beautifully designed frame with the inscription; “John, Page Boy, July 7, 2020”. 

Another awesome gift you can get your Page Boy after the wedding is a money box. A nicely carved wooden money box with an appreciative message is great. Could go like; “We did it with you! Thanks for your appearance. We love you! Hannah and David”

What about going a little playful? Did you choose a 3-year-old as your Page Boy and you would love to compensate him? A helicopter can give him the same feeling he gave the guests at the wedding. 

However, ensure to get a toy that wouldn’t harm him.

Meanwhile, before proposing to your intended Page Boy, ensure you have a discussion with his parents as to whether he can take on the role or not. 

Little kids sometimes can’t keep up with the guests focused on them. You don’t want the little King bursting into tears halfway down the aisle. This reason is why slightly older kids are selected for the role.

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