When Should Child Dress Themselves

It can be frustrating for a parent to get their kids ready when they are running late. How many times do you remember peeping at the door to find out that your kid is still where you left them, with one leg in a suit trouser hole, or a shoelace was undone?

You will be disappointed if, at a certain age, a child cannot be able to dress themselves even with a simple task as pulling a short up. The child should not be blamed; children only do what they are taught. If a child cannot dress themselves, then it means that child was not taught.

Children’s performance increases with age. And to teach a child how to dress, it must be within an age bracket of the child. Surely, a child of 18 months is not expected to perform the dressing task of 2 years old, that of unzipping a large zipper.

Teaching your child how to dress is a great accomplishment not only to you as a parent but also to the child. They get excited and proud of doing things for themselves. By learning how to dress, it will boost confidence in themselves. 

The list below tends to offer an idea of when a child should dress himself based on an age bracket. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every child within the age group must be able to perform the said dressing task. You must understand that children are different both in their appearance and in learning. So, you should not compare them but instead, encourage them to be able to perform the recommended dressing task. 

The first step to take in teaching a child how to dress should be the opposite, taking off of clothes or getting undressed. Allow them to take off their clothes themselves at the end of the day. This time will be convenient because there you will not be in a hurry to go anywhere.

A 1-year-old child

At one year old, the child should be able to keep their head in a position to put on a shirt, push out their arms for sleeves, and be able to push their leg through a trouser hole. The child should also be able to pull out their shoes and socks

A 2 years old child

At two years of age, a child should be able to unzip a large zipper, unfasten large buttons, and they can be able to take off their coat or sweater. A two years old child should be able to take off her clothes without aid, especially those gowns that are loose. 

A 2 1/2 years old child

At two and a half years old, a child should be able to pull down those pants that come with an elastic waistband. Or in the absence of the elastic waistband, once they are aided in the removal of the fasteners, they can pull it down. The child will attempt to put on their socks, and shoes but might need night assistance with identifying the right shoe for each foot. The child can easily put on jackets and pull over. 

A 3 years old child

At three years old, a child should be able to put on a t-shirt since it does not have buttons or zippers. And can also take the t-shirt off. At this age, a child can dress themselves with close supervision. 

A 4 years old child

At four years old, a child should be able to put on socks unaided. Puts on and takes off pullover clothing, identifies the front from the back of a shirt, and put on shoes with little assistance.

A 5 years old child

At five years old, a child should be able to dress themselves without supervision and dress correctly at all times. At this age, they know when to dress and what clothes to wear for different occasions.

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