What Should Boys Wear to Weddings

Sometimes the girls in the house are the only one enthusiastic about weddings. But the boys can make a surprising declaration of interest too. Don’t be surprised, instead, prepare to make it a fantastic experience for them. However, often, girls don’t give their parents the headache of wondering what to wear, boys, on the other hand, require special considerations and deliberations. What should boys wear to weddings? What colour of shoe, tie or shirt? These and more will be answered subsequently.

The world of boys is fascinating. Most often think it’s simple to come up with a dressing plan for them, but it isn’t as easy. 

Considerations Before Choosing Boys Wear to Weddings

Having to choose boys’ dresses for formal occasions requires several factors. Let’s look at some of them;

  • Dress code

It’s essential to understand the dress code for a wedding before choosing a dress for your boy. If there is none, you can then enjoy the liberty of selecting from a variety of beautiful Suits. 

  • Boy’s role

What role is your boy taking at the wedding? The boy’s role at the wedding should be considered before selecting a dress. Whether he is to serve as a page boy or some other position that requires him to stay right beside the groom, consultation should be made to concerned parties as to what they would prefer him to wear. 

  • Season

Yes. We don’t want our boy sweating all through the event—some Suits are fit for summer, and some are suitable for winter. Make sure to consider this before picking from the store. We don’t want our boy’s teeth gritting when they should be chewing on the delicious meal served. 

  • Age

This factor is another angle of boys wedding wear. Depending on the kid’s age, specific colours should be avoided as much as possible. Your 3-year-old King might find maintaining a white hard when he sees the sumptuous peppered meal at his table. 

What Should Boys Wear to Weddings

Irrespective of these factors, boys have some dress styles that speaks for them at formal occasions like weddings. These styles all require some combination of different formal or casual attires to make for a stunning look. Check them out and decide which one your boy can wear to a wedding;

  • Formal attire

This dress style is dominated by Suits. Formals are the best for weddings as they present boys and men in grand style – if worn right though. 

Excellent formal wear to a wedding is a fresh three-piece suit. Nicely tailored dress pants are available just wherever you get the suit and some lovely brogues. 

  • Semi-Formal attire 

The diversity of boys’ world doesn’t end there. Boys wear to weddings can take the semi-formal form also. 

It is not without a nice; it only wouldn’t be as packed and in-depth as the formal dressing style. 

Try this out on your boy by starting with picking a nice two-piece suit at an online Suits store. Meanwhile, a dark suit is excellent, and yes, a lighter suit can come into the picture if it’s a daytime summer wedding event.

After selecting nice dress pants, what colour of shoe would you love to complete the dressing? Brogues, leatherwood sole shoes? Or simply and uniquely Loafers? Check these Boys shoes out online and choose which one aligns with the dress.

  • Black-tie

Just when you thought alternatives are over, the formal black-tie style of dressing comes through. 

This dress style is one of the formal dress styles that shows elegance and class if worn right. 

A tuxedo is very compulsory for this magical dressing. Complement it with a black vest, a white dress shirt and a black tie. 

Although a bow tie is a more sought after alternative, either of the two would still appear great on your cute boy. 

Balance it all with a richly polished shoe. It could be a loafer, brogues or a laced up boot. Check the store to see which one would fit the King’s wedding wear. 

In making sure all wears are fitting and smart, it’s essential to make an accurate measurement of the boy before checking the store for Suits. A complete guide to measuring a boy for a Suit can help achieve perfectly fitting wedding wear. 

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