What Should An 11 Year Old Boy Wear To A Wedding

Thoughts about what a kid should where to occasions can be a big problem for parents sometimes. Having endless thoughts and brain-racking about what your 11 year old boy should wear to a wedding can be tiring. 

Understanding the scope of children dressing and style is a sure way to escape this tiring deliberation and worry.

11-year-olds are old enough to wear their clothes by themselves, but the assurance of picking the right type of cloth for special occasions like weddings, cannot be guaranteed. 

This uncertain situation is where parents and guardians come in to give the kid a befitting dressing style. 

The best outfit to exude your 11-year-old at a wedding is a nice fitting Suit. 

However, styles and preferences vary, and after trying on some other form of formal clothing, you might decide to take on the Suit for another day.

What can a 11 year old boy wear to a wedding? 

Here is a guide to dressing up an 11 year old boy for a wedding.

  • Formal Dressing

Suit is undoubtedly the most adorable formal outfit on a kid. Whether it is a three-piece suit or a trouser with a matching jacket, kids are sure to look stunning in a Suit if they were measured right for it. 

 Do you think about the season or climate? There are various types of boys suits designed with excellent linen materials and tartan material for the summer and winter respectively.

  •  Casual 

An 11-year-old can stand out at a wedding with stylish casual wear. Although, when the word casual is mentioned in clothing parlance, most people think “Jeans and T-shirts.”

Contrary to popular notion, casual for a wedding can be outrightly smart. Find your kid that perfect Polo shirt or a short-sleeved shirt with its buttons down. 

Complement this with a Khaki or a pair of slacks. Wearing a Jean is not recommended, avoid it.

Match up your kid’s simple but unique dressing with a fantastic belt. Note that wearing a belt is essential if your kid is going to tuck in his pants. 

Finalizing it, get a beautiful dressing shoe. Loafers are right in this situation.

  • Semi-Formal

It’s not over. There are quite several ways to dress up an 11 year old to a wedding handsomely. 

Kickstart by choosing a two-piece suit for your kid. 

However, is it daytime or night? A grey or cream coloured suit is great for the former while a dark coloured suit is excellent for nighttime.

Proceed with a beautiful dress shoe and dress pants. In this case, blazers/sports jacket is an alternative to suit.

Shoes an 11 year old boy can wear to a wedding

The shoes on a kid’s feet are just as important as the nice tuxedo he is on—shoes perfect any dress style, formal, semi-formal or casual. 

A wedding requires a standard and bespoke outfit, complemented by a nice fitting shoe.

Here are formal shoes a kid can wear to a wedding;

  • Dress Loafers

Are you looking for something beautiful and comfortable for your boy? Loafers might be what you are for.

Loafers are easy to wear and equally comfortable to remove. You don’t have to worry about fitting your kid’s leg into the shoes because most loafers come with elastic gussets to make for a nice and comfortable grip on your boy’s feet. 

  • Brogues

Brogues are suitable for any formal event, and their availability in varieties of colour makes them popular amongst kids and adults.

The fact that brogues come with a lace-up fastening makes it a preferable choice when considering the role of the lace in holding the shoe tight irrespective of excess movement. 

  • Formal Slip-on

Similar to Loafers, formal slip-on is great for formal and informal events. 

It’s a beautiful wear for an 11-year-old going for a wedding, or to school. 

However, sizes should be measured accurately to make sure they fit nice on the kid’s leg. This measure is crucial because formal slip-on comes with elasticated gussets which might pose to be a discomfort if too big for the kid’s feet. 

In all preparations, the comfort of the kid should be considered while choosing his wear for the wedding. Measuring a kid for Suit is the best way to get him the most comfortable and fitting outfit. 

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