What Should a Teenager Wear to a Wedding

Children’s entry into the teen stage comes with different physical and behavioural changes. One is their interest in going to public events. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if your girl or boy decides to ditch Nickelodeon to follow you to a wedding, instead what you should get busy with is what a teenager should wear to a wedding.

The interest they show should be seen as an improvement and an opportunity to expose them to certain the orientation of dressing to events.

A wedding is a formal occasion that requires teenagers, especially boys, to look smart and take away. This occasion can be labelled with a dress code to make for a matching and unique guest attendance.

However, whether there is a dress code or not, another critical factor to consider in choosing a dress for a teenager is his or her role at the wedding.

She is a beautiful girl and has been called upon to be the flower girl? Or your boy’s handsomeness is irresistible that Uncle Sam called on him to be his page boy? Either way, these roles might require special dressing styles, and it is best to consult the groom or bride about their preference before going to choose a dress for the boy or girl.

Nonetheless, having a role to play is not the only reason to dress a teenager up formerly, your boy could be a guest and yet, steal the crowd’s attention much more than the page boy. It all boils down to how he is dressed up.

There are a couple of formal dress choices to wear to a wedding. Suits are the best attire to storm formal occasions with. We will be discussing for both boys and girls, respectively.

Formal Teenage Boy Wear for a Wedding

To make your teenage boy stand fit, smart and out at the wedding ceremony, going all formal with a Suit can be all that is needed. Check an online store for this;

  • A Grey or Dark Suit
  • A tie
  • A dress shirt
  • A dress pants
  • Belt
  • Dress shoes (Loafers, Brogues, leather wood sole shoes)

Semi-Formal Teenage Boy Wear for a Wedding

A teenage boy can rock a semi-formal attire to a wedding also. This style is carried out with the help of a mixture of slightly formal wear. Go online for these materials and decide if the attire would match your boy’s elegance;

  • A nicely tailored dress shirt
  • Blazers/sports jacket is an alternative to Suit
  • Fitting dress pants
  • Brogues or Loafers
  • Belt

Black Tie

Black tie is another formal dress style a teenager can wear to a wedding. To have a complete dressing of this style, a Tuxedo is compulsory. Here is a full list of wears you can pick up at an online store;

  • Tuxedo
  • Black tie
  • Black vest
  • White dress shirt
  • Dress shoes

Girls Teenage Wear to a Wedding

Let’s give the girls their much-deserved chance to make some choices about what to wear to a wedding.

Similar to the categories the boys have, girls are pretty much certain to get formal clothes that bring out their beauty.

Semi-formal dress style

Usually great for weddings scheduled to take place in the evening, semi-formal attire can be all that your baby girl needs. Get the following materials for her;

  • Party dress; floral or pastel chiffon clothing is great
  • Kitten heels or Ballet flats
  • Simple jewellery like diamond studs or pearl necklace to finalise the dress

Formal Dress style

This style is a strictly formal one, and your girl stands a chance to sweep the guests off their feet with her dress. The following can do the magic for a purely formal wedding or a Black-tie wedding;

  • Long dark colour evening dress
  • High heel shoes are best for this dress style
  • Go ahead with a rhinestone necklace or chandelier earrings
  • Match it all up with a beaded clutch. Her purse is an alternative, though.

Casual style

A teenage girl wears to a wedding can come in a casual style also. It is more flexible but not in any way unpolished or less classy. Check online for these materials if your teenage girl wants to go casual;

  • Casual shirt dress like a simple lace blouse with a beautiful A-line skirt
  • Ballet flats work well for her feet
  • Silver earrings complement this, and a beautiful leather clutch completes the dressing.

Making these suggestions your guide in choosing your teenage boy or girl’s wear to a wedding is certain to get your child the respect and attraction he or she deserves.

Note that, keeping hair and nails clean are important aspectsss of looking stunning. Keep them looking fresh and the dress would do the rest.

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