What Should a Child Wear to a Wedding

Contemplating on what a child should wear to a wedding can be bothering. Parents and guardians often face complications in choosing a dress style for children.

This choice shouldn’t be hard, at least not anymore, since you have come across this article on children wear to a wedding.

It’s important to state an interesting correlation between children wear, and adults wear. To adequately prepare for a wedding, both children and adults are most presentable and appealing in formal wear.

Both genders have a pool of formal wears and styles to explore in looking stunning to a wedding.

However, it’s important to note that, in getting a smart and fitting formal wear for a child, their cloth size should be figured out.

If this is yet to be done, particularly measurements for Suits, it should be carried out before proceeding to purchase wear for the child.

Girl Wear to Weddings

We give the respect and first treatment to girls because they appear more stunning and beautiful in the formal wears we will be suggesting.

Meanwhile, wedding wears can be categorized into segments; Formal, semi-formal and black-tie. The dressing styles in these categories are worn concerning what type of wedding it is. Let’s dive into it.

Formal Attire

Girls can storm a wedding in strictly formal wear. This dressing style gives total formality and entails the use of formal wears. Get these materials at the store for your baby girl’s stunning appearance at a wedding;

  • Long dark colour evening dress
  • High heel shoes are best for this dress style
  • Go ahead with a rhinestone necklace or chandelier earrings
  • Match it all up with a beaded clutch or a beautiful purse.

Some of these aren’t compulsory for a girl child, but what does it cost to start teaching your baby the unique lady dressing style?

Semi-Formal Attire

Who said we have to be strictly formal? Semi-formal dressing style is the real deal, especially for weddings scheduled to take place in the evening. Let’s get your girl a grand appearance with;

  • Party dress; floral or pastel chiffon clothing is great
  • Kitten heels or Ballet flats
  • Simple jewellery like diamond studs or pearl necklace to complement her pretty look
  • And a beautiful purse to ice the whole cake.

Casual Attire

Yes, that baby girl can proceed to the wedding in a casual style. This style is flexible but doesn’t in any way mean the girl wouldn’t appear beautiful and attractive if nice wear is chosen. Check out these materials for a girl child wear to a wedding;

  • A Simple lace blouse with a beautiful A-line skirt
  • Ballet flats for her feet
  • Silver earrings complement this, and a beautiful leather clutch completes the dressing.

In choosing these wears, colour combinations should be considered, and most importantly, the dress code should be adhered to, if there is any.

Boy Child Wear to a Wedding

It’s the boys’ time. A bunch of choices await you at the store to give a befitting and stunning look to your King. Just like the girls, formals, particularly, boys Suits, are the best for boys’ wear to a wedding.

These wears, however, can appear floppy and unsmart, if your boy’s measurement isn’t done right or done at all.

To be on the right track, get your King’s measurement done, check out with concerned members at the wedding if there is any dress code. Either there is none or not, follow these suggestions in choosing great formal wear for your boy;

Formal Attire

This style is the most popular style of dressing for weddings. The Daddies love this, and nothing stops the boys from emulating this respectable style. Go to the store and get your boy;

  • A Grey or Dark 5 piece suit
  • A tie
  • A dress shirt
  • A dress pants
  • Belt

Semi-Formal Attire

Just as it is an excellent alternative to strictly formal girls wear, it serves the boys the same comfort and feeling. The semi-formal style can be tried out with;

  • A nicely tailored dress shirt
  • Blazers/sports jacket is an alternative to Suit
  • Fitting dress pants
  • Brogues or Loafers
  • Belt

Black Tie

You can call this the complete gentleman style. You know that style that gets the crowd staring from the hair down to the toes, yes, it’s the black-tie. It ties the crowd’s eyes to anyone who wears it. 

Thinking about it for your child wear to a wedding? You need;

  • Tuxedo (very compulsory)
  • Black tie
  • Black vest
  • White dress shirt
  • Dress shoes
  • A belt 

You must have made your decision as to what fits your boy or girl child. However, even after choosing your child wear to a wedding, the minor work of taking care of their hair and nails is of importance to look good. 

Ensure you stay by their side, admonish them to stay calm when that James Bond or Spider-Man spirit is prompting them to switch into the play mode. You sure don’t want to see that Suit disfigured.

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