What should a 12 year Old boy wear to a wedding

Imagine your 12 year old boy called upon to be the best man or the ring bearer? Or he decides to want to attend the much spoken about wedding in the house? It’s great news! He’s beginning to find fun and entertainment in other places. But what should a 12 year old wear to a wedding? That’s important to know, to give him a good start at attending public events.

Weddings are best stormed in formals. A kid can have all it takes to control the crowd and have them taking a break from their hot meal to steal a glance. 

Meanwhile, giving your kid this elegance and class requires a special selection of what to wear. This selection puts into consideration the colour, size, and weather status.

Is your boy fair or dark, tall or medium height? There is the best outfit for him. A significant step to getting him the most suiting and comfortable wear is measuring him. The dressing styles we will be discussing all need to fit well on your boy, measurement is a sure way to ensure this. 

So has the invitation been secured? Your 12-year-old is sure about attending this wedding, and you want to make it a memorable one for him? Check out the various dressing styles you can try out.

Outfits a 12 year old boy should wear to a wedding 

Talk about casual, formal, and semi-formal; these styles of dressing cannot go extinct as they are known to preserve the calmness and formality. It’s not sorcery. Suits tie down the stubbornness in boys and men. Yes, the girls and ladies agree. 

Meanwhile, your boy suits should make a stunning appearance

  • Casual Style

Yes, casual do it for weddings, just like formal wear. 

Provided it is done right, dressing casual to a wedding can be the most awesome experience your kid will experience at a formal event.

Imagine your King in a beautifully fit Polo shirt or a short-sleeve shirt with its buttons down. Complemented with a brogue and tailored pants, he is sure to look great!

His calm and charming face is all that is left to put in control; the crowd would not only notice him; you might get some thumbs up for the dressing.

  • Formal Style

Formal dressing style is the real deal for most people. Formal dressing is an excellent choice for events like weddings, dinners, amongst others. 

Suits constitute this sector, and its availability in various colours gives for a wide range of choices. 

After measuring your child for a suit, why not pick up a nice three-piece-suit that fits him at a store, have it complemented with a nice tie and then get some cute shoes to blend with the outfit. 

  • Semi-formal

Why not get the crowd busy looking at your 12-year old’s semi-formal appearance? This dressing can be stylishly unleashed to present your kid fashionably. 

If the King allows, choose him a two-piece suit and nicely tailored pants. 

Now perfect the outfit with stunning shoe wear. Read on to see the types of shoes that can match these formal clothing. 

  • Black tie

Just when one might think alternatives are exhausted, the black-tie formal dressing style made an entrance. 

A Tuxedo is very compulsory for this magical dressing.  Complementing it with a black vest, white dress shirt, and a black-tie exude the exact cute and manly appearance you want your 12-year-old to have. 

Importantly, in choosing a dress for the kid, the dress code should be respected. Adhering to this validates the stunning choice you make for the kid. 

Boys formal shoes

It’s not so cool to perfect your boy when it comes to clothing and then destroy the perfection with an unmatching or wrongly chosen shoe wear. 

There are beautiful formal boys’ shoe wears that give the same confidence as a nicely fitted suit. 

Just like the casual and former categorization, these shoes also have an extent to which they apply to certain formal events. 

However, a trial of one of them on your cute boy wouldn’t be wrong. Make sure to measure the kid’s feet size well before picking up a formal shoe for him. The same goes for any other shoe. 

  • Brogues
  • Slip-on
  • Loafers
  • Boots

Generally, in picking formal shoes and clothes for a 12-year-old boy, the dress code or role of the kid at the wedding should be considered. 

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