What Shoe Size For 3 Year Old Wear

Getting a perfect fit for a child can be hard sometimes. The fact that children outgrow their wear in no tine also complements the uncertainty on what shoe size would fit a child. Looking at What shoe size for a 3 year old, there are various considerations to be made before and when choosing wear for him.

3-year-olds grow in a spate of months, and this makes it hard to choose a shoe for them without proper measurement. 

Although we will be giving the average shoe size for this age and slightly above, measuring a child’s feet is a complementing and more assuring step to getting a child’s perfect shoe size.

Factors to consider when getting shoe for 3 year olds

  • Comfort

At this age, children need to feel comfortable in their shoes.

 They have more energy to play and run around; an uncomfortable shoe will be a disturbance and affect their adventures. 

When measuring, the wiggle room should be given by adding extra inches to their actual foot length.

  • Time factor

With a fast-growing ability, the possibility of 3-year-olds outgrowing their shoes before it wears out should be factored in when measuring them for shoe size. This factor is essential as they could outgrow a shoe within months before it wears out.

  • Balance

With much energy to play and jump around, 3-year-olds need a good shoe with standard soles.

Going for a solid sole doesn’t mean they won’t wear it out with rough plays, it helps keep them on balance due to their inconsistent walking postures.

Average shoe sizes

Having stressed the importance of having accurate knowledge of a child’s shoe size, we have a complementing method of knowing your child’s shoe size. 

Below is the average shoe size for ages 3 and 3.5. 

It’s important to know that these are average shoe sizes and they may not entirely correlate with or fit your child’s feet. 

Having gotten the average shoe size, another method is to measure your child’s feet. But first, expect to see this average shoe size for three years old

Average shoe size for 3 year old

In the UK, the average shoe size for 3-year-old is UK size 7 – 8.

In the US, the average shoe size for 3-year-old is US Size 8 – 9.

These estimates are subjected to actual measurements to avoid mistakes in choosing the best shoe fit for your child.

Average 3.5 year old boy Shoe size

We earlier stated that growth in 3-year-olds is quite fast and unpredictable. They gain height and develop in different parts of the body within months. 

There is a possibility that your child has developed six months after clocking three.

In the UK, the average shoe size for a 3.5-year-old boy is UK Size 10

While in the US, the average shoe size for a 3.5-year-old is US Size 11.

Average 3.5 year old girl shoe size

The need to give the average shoe size for girls is because male and female toddlers experience growth in different paces.

In the UK, the average shoe size for a 3.5-year-old girl is UK size 9

In the US, the average shoe size for a 3.5-year-old girl is US size 10.

Tips for measuring three-year-old feet size

There are specific considerations you should make when measuring your 3-year-old boy or girl’s feet. You sure want them to be comfortable and enjoy wearing their adorable shoes. Here is how to measure their feet accurately.

Items needed;

  • A piece of white paper
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

Having gotten all these;

  • Have your baby stand on the piece of paper. He should stand upright with his feet flat without his toes curled.
  • With the pencil, draw a straight line from behind his heel to his biggest toe
  • Have both right and left feet measured separately. This practice is recommended because there is the possibility of both feet having different lengths.
  • When measuring, it’s advisable to add few extra inches for wiggle room. It makes sure the shoe isn’t so tight on your child’s leg and allows him to use the pump for a long time even if his feet develop.

Hopefully, this helps you in reaching an accurate conclusion on your 3 year old child shoe size. Make sure to choose balanced shoes, so they don’t affect his walking posture.

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