What is the Role of a Page Boy

Children and adults take on several roles at weddings to further beautify and make the occasion an interesting and fun-filled one. One of these positions is that of a page boy. One might ask, What is the role of a page boy? This enquiry could be coming from a mother whose adorable son has been called upon to be one.

The role of a page boy is not a hectic or complicated one. However, understanding this role can adversely help in preparing a boy for the duties ahead. 

Page Boy Meaning

You are comfortably seated in the wedding hall, with attention focused on the entrance where the bridal train is expected to come through. Meanwhile, who you see making an entrance is a cute adorable little child, holding a sign or nothing sometimes. 

That is a page boy. The practice of having a little kid lead the train has been in existence for long and is still being embraced with twists and development in certain areas. 

William and Catherin Middleton used page boys during their wedding ceremony in 2011. There were two adorable page boys of around 5 to 7 years old. 

These boys are often handpicked and usually a close relative of either the bride or groom. 

Role Of A Page Boy

Understanding the role of a page boy would further help concerned mothers to handle the situation whenever their boy is called upon. 

A page boy is meant to beautify the scene and generally, give a lively touch to the wedding, especially in respect to the bride and groom. 

Undeniably, children are a blessing, and their innocent and cute look lightens up the scene whenever they lead in the train. 

In America however, page boys are sometimes referred to as ring bearers who walk the bride’s train down the aisle holding the flower girl. 

What Does A Page Boy Carry?

A page boy plays another crucial role in having to take valuable things like the ring down the aisle. 

Although not every celebrant allows this, a page boy can then be given a lookalike of the actual rings in case the rings happen to get missing while walking down the aisle.

They also get to lead the grand entrance with some carrying signs which could read; “here comes the bride” or wedding sparkers if the boy is old enough to carry one.

Wear To A Wedding

You now understand the actual roles of a page boy. You must have deduced that the function is one that attracts attention from wedding guests.

This role calls for a stunning and classy formal wear. How would a creamy jacket above a freshly ironed white dress shirt and creamy tie look on your 6-year-old? 

Beautiful dress pants and some nice fitting formal shoe can perfect the dress. 

On the other hand, though, a page boy can go less in-depth with a well-ironed dress shirt, a bow tie, suspender and dress pants.  Imagine a 3-year old in this, with a cute lace shoe that won’t come off during his tour with the bride.

Meanwhile, you should seek the thoughts of the bride or groom if they have any particular dress style they would prefer. They could prefer a special type of boys suits.

Also consider the dress code, if there is one. A page boy shouldn’t be the one violating dress codes, at all.

Role Before The Wedding

You must have come across images of a wedding showing the page boy and flower girl around the couples somewhere not at the venue of the wedding. 

Part of the aim of using children is to beautify every aspect of a wedding. 

A page boy is sometimes called upon before the wedding kickstarts, usually by the groom. He could be asked to dress with the groom and have beautiful and adorable pictures taken. 

This tactic might not work out if the kid is very young and used to getting dressed by his mother. As a mother, you should speak with the groom on what method would be best in achieving the pre-wedding shots with the boy.

Conclusively, it’s essential to choose a page boy wisely. The groom and bride are much more concerned with this task and can make good choices with the help of parents. 

It’s advised to choose an older boy, around 5 or 6, who would have been prepared about the role. 

Picking a very young kid is cute and adorable, but it increases the chances of having a run-away or shy page boy. 

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