What is The Little Boy in a Wedding Called

What feeling comes when you see adorable children tossing the flowers and having an exciting playtime in their formal occasion wears? This feeling has helped in promoting the practice of giving children one role or the other in weddings. However, the little boy in a wedding can be called specific names depending on the role he takes on. Let;s look at some children roles in a wedding.

Children’s Role in a Wedding

There are various roles children take on to beautify weddings further. Selected children are often, close relations of the groom or bride. 

  • Page Boy

A page boy is a young male who is seen closely seated or walking with the groom and bride. There can be more than one page boy at a wedding, just like during Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding. 

Conventionally, the role of the page boy is to lead the bride’s train, especially when walking the aisle and is typically within the age range of 3 and 10 years.

  • Ring Bearer

Slightly similar but with differences to the page boy, the ring bearer presents the rings to concerned parties with cushions that have a sewn and lookalike of the rings on them. The actual rings are with the best man. 

Although the real rings can be used too, in this case, the ring bearer carries the tacked on rings on the cushion so they don’t fall off accidentally. 

  • Coin Bearer

Similar to the little boy taking on the ring bearer role at the wedding, the coin bearer is seen openly with the bride or groom also. The coin bearer has a more dramatic part of marching up the aisle to present the coin, which represents blessings, to the celebrants. 

Dress Style For Page Boy At a Wedding

When a little boy is given a role at a wedding, it’s essential to have him dressed in a befitting way. 

Afterall, we wouldn’t have our boy walk the bride down the aisle in a random casual wear, that will be really catchy, in a negative way. 

Meanwhile, dress style for a page boy depends on his age. And it is up to you to decide although it is very much advisable to contact the bride or groom about any preferential dress style if they have any.

Either way, they wouldn’t go out of the formal dress style, here are few ideas on how to get a page boy dressed up formerly;

Is he a 3-year-old and ready to take on the role? You can provide him with a stunning dress shirt, probably a blue coloured one, and a black jacket. Have it complemented by a nicely tailored black trouser.

A bow tie is great, and a lovely lace shoe fits well when tied properly. 

However, a much older page boy can be dressed in a more in-depth formal style. What about having the handsome boy walk down the aisle with the bridal train in a creamy 3-piece-suit, a creamy tie, and a white dress shirt? 

Ensure to have an accurate measurement of the boy to give him fitting dress pants and a fitting shoe. Brogues are an excellent choice!

The Little Boy’s Morning Duty

Interestingly, there are several things the page boy can participate in to make the entire wedding a memorable one. 

Depending on the temperament and mood of the adorable boy to be used, he could be called upon in the morning to chill and spend some time with the celebrants. 

Although this practice isn’t a compulsory aspect for a page boy, it helps to add more colours to the wedding with beautiful pre-wedding and behind the scene pictures.

It is best to consult the cute boy’s parents as to what would be better – having him dress up at the groom’s place or home with his parents. 

A very young page boy is likely to do well dressing with his parents and going to the groom’s when it’s nearer to the ceremony. 

Does The Little Boy in a Wedding Get a Gift?

Don’t you sometimes, as a celebrant or, a guest, feel like giving the page boy a gift? The bride or groom often gives this gift because it has to be planned. 

However, this practice is not compulsory but is a great idea in encouraging and appreciating your page boy.

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