What Do Boys Wear To Weddings

Sometimes, the question about what boys wear to weddings can be worrying to parents and guardians. 

We know we often don’t have to worry about formals because those boys prefer being behind TV and computer to going to formals.

However, like a new dawn, there comes the time they begin to show interest in seeing men and women get joined for a lifetime or any other formal occasion. 

Sooner or later, you still get to face the question; what do boys wear to weddings? 

Here is the liberating news; boys wear to weddings are easy to fetch and understand. Our guide here will put you on track to getting the best for your King.

Factors to consider before choosing boys’ wear to a wedding

However, before proceeding to get your boy formal wear for weddings, understanding these factors as they are essential to the comfort and appearance of the boy

  • Comfort 

This aspect deals with the ease your boy gets when his formals are on. Ensuring comfort requires choosing the right size of Suit and best shoe for his feet length. These all can be achieved by measuring him for clothe and shoe.

  • Time

Yes. The time of the occasion is often considered when picking formals for boys. We don’t want the King sweating profusely under his clothes during a summer wedding. There are Suits and casuals suitable for various seasons and times. 

  • Boy’s Role

Is the boy really cute and charming and got picked up to be the page boy? In deciding what a boy wears to weddings, his role at the wedding should be considered so he can fit well.

  • Dress code

It’s essential to understand the dress code for a wedding before choosing a dress for your boy. If there is none, you can then enjoy the liberty of selecting from a variety of beautiful Suits. 

 Boys Dress Styles to Weddings

However, whether with a role or not, every boy can have a stunning appearance at a wedding. The solution is not farfetched. The following categories of dress styles are the pathways to a great dressing for your boy;

  • Black Tie

This dress style is one of the formal dress styles that shows elegance and class if worn right. 

A tuxedo is very compulsory for this magical dressing. Complement it with a black vest, a white dress shirt and a black tie. 

Although a bow tie is a more sought after alternative, either of the two would still appear great on your cute boy. 

Balance it with a richly polished shoe. It could be a loafer, brogues or a laced up boot. Check the store to see which one would fit the King’s wedding wear. 

  • Formal attire

Suits also dominate this dress style. Formals are the best for weddings as they present boys and men in grand style – if worn right though. 

Excellent formal wear to a wedding is a fresh three-piece suit. Nicely tailored dress pants are available just wherever you get the Suit and some lovely brogues. 

  • Semi-Formal Attire

The diversity of boys’ world doesn’t end there. Boys wear to weddings can take the semi-formal form also. 

It is not without a nice Suit; it only wouldn’t be as packed and in-depth as the formal dressing style. 

Try this out on your boy by starting with picking a nice two-piece suit at an online Suits store. Meanwhile, a dark suit is excellent, and yes, a lighter suit can come into the picture if it’s a daytime summer wedding event. 

After selecting nice dress pants, what colour of shoe would you love to complete the dressing? 

What Shoe can a Boy Wear to a Wedding?

When talking about attending weddings, shoes are essential parts of child dressing. They complement the kids Suits to give for a perfect and stunning appearance. 

There are shoes in various styles and colours that match certain dress styles. 

However, comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a shoe for your boy. 

Who says you can’t get varieties of formal shoes on an online store? Check below for shoes a boy can wear to weddings;

  • Brogues

They have been making waves and giving kids and adults the confidence they deserve. Brogues come in different colours and are designed to allow comfort with its adjustable lace. 

Imagine one of this on your cute boy’s smartly tailored Suit? Sure to get eyes rolling!

  •  Loafers

Simplicity can be unique. Loafers are a popular choice for complementing kids’ formal wear. 

Talk about the ease of comfort when wearing them and taking them off. Loafers provide comfort and freedom at the feet with its elastic feature. 

  • Boots 

Yes. Boots can come in to save the day. Typically, good formal boots would be ankle height, have durable soles and laced up. 

Also, slip-on boots or zip fasteners can be great for kids as it allows comfort and free movement. However, a stiff boot should be avoided. To ensure this, measure the kid’s feet.

Now you can see the vast option of clothes your boy can wear to weddings. Meanwhile, it’s important to consider your boy’s potential to grow fast and abandon some clothes. Factor this in when measuring him and leave a few extra room.

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