What do Boys Wear to Formals

Different occasions can require different dress styles. Events like weddings, funerals and cooperate meetings are examples of formals events. Kids and adults can be invited or show interest in attending these occasions. However, when talking about boys who aren’t familiar with the dressing styles yet, parents and guardians have to face the question – What do boys wear to formals?

No worries, your boys’ entrance would be grand, thanks to the diverse options of wears available for boys. 

However, in deciding what your boy is to wear to a wedding or dinner, ensure you find out about the dress code if there is any. 

However, formals like funerals do require some sensitive consideration. We have discussed them here, and it would be nice to go through them before choosing formal wear for your boy. 

How To Choose The Best Boys Wear For Formals.

Choosing wears for different formals can be bothering. You sometimes don’t know what to choose in the summertime or how to dress the kid up when the wedding is happening during winter. 

In choosing for any of the seasons, there is one major element you can’t do without; Suits!

Suits will be dominating your boys’ choice of wears to formals because they exude confidence and smartness. What else can that cute boy deserve? 

Let’s take a look at what to choose for boys’ formal wear;

Boys Formal Wear

Yes. Worth coming first. Formal attires are the best for formal occasions. Just like having the same name, they hold the same sense of calmness in their entirety. 

Imagine your boy storming that calm dinner in a stunning dark boys Suit? Check a full list of wears under the formal style of dressing. If you love it, proceed to purchase them at a store!

  • A Grey or Dark three-piece Suit
  • A matching tie
  • A white dress shirt
  • A nicely tailored dress pants
  • Nice leather belt
  • Leatherwood sole shoes, brogues or loafers 


Yes, semi-formal clothing has been recognized as closely fit for formals. If worn right, your boy is sure to steal the attention of the groom. Check out the following wears at the store if your boy doesn’t have them;

  • A dress shirt
  • Blazers or sports jacket is an alternative to Suit
  • Fitting dress pants
  • Loafers or Brogues
  • A Belt 

Black Tie

Black tie is a style used for a strictly formal occasion. The style mainly presents male kids and adults as manly and confident. 

Imagine your kid in a freshly picked tuxedo, a black vest and a bow tie?  That’s not all, check below for a full list. However, a Tuxedo is essential for this dressing style. 

  • A Tuxedo
  • Tuxedo
  • Bow tie
  • Black vest
  • Freshly ironed white dress shirt
  • Black brogues or Leatherwood soled shoe.

What do girls wear to formals?

It’s okay to take a branch into the world of girls. Girls’ wears to formals can come in different forms also. However, it is not as in-depth as the boys’ dressing styles. Check out these categories and get one for your girl’s formal outing;

Formal Attire

To dress your adorable girl in formal wear, these materials should be checked out at the store;

  • Long dark colour gown
  • High heel shoes are great for this dress style
  • Match it up with chandelier earrings or rhinestone necklace
  • Finalize it all with a beaded clutch or purse.

Semi-Formal Attire

An excellent fit for weddings or other formals scheduled to take place in the evening, semi-formal dressing style can be what fits your pretty queen well. Willing to check these out on her? Go for;

  • A Party dress; pastel chiffon or floral clothing is awesome 
  • Ballet flats or Kitten heels can do the magic
  • Simple and unique jewellery like a pearl necklace or diamond studs can finalize it all. 

However, in making sure boys wear fitting and smart wear to formals, it’s essential to have their feet and body parts measured. 

This measure helps to get them smart Suits and shoes at the store and also ensures their comfort. You sure don’t want that boy worrying about an oversize and disturbing Suit when he should be concentrated on the sumptuous meal before him.

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