What Should Toddlers Wear To a Funeral?

Toddlers can find it hard to cope on their own without parents or guardians. Are you uncertain about leaving your toddler with your 10-year-old boy whom you’re sure would be behind the TV all day? You might want to have a rethink. When it then becomes necessary to take your toddler to a funeral with you, a question is likely to pop up – What Should Toddlers wear to a funeral? 

It’s okay to find this quizzing, especially when it’s your first time. Funerals and memorials are sensitive occasions that need considerations as to what to wear. 

Should Toddlers Follow The Norm?

The norm is to wear black attire to funerals in a bid to express a certain feeling. 

However, the question about whether everyone should follow this conventional practice is debatable. Affirmatively, toddlers don’t need or have to wear black funeral attire to these gatherings. 

Why is this norm waning? It used to be practised in some countries around the world, but it has reduced, and most Western countries no longer consider this factor when dressing for children to funerals.

Also, wearing all black attire calls for special occasions like funerals and memorials. What are the chances that your baby wouldn’t outgrow them before getting to wear them again? 

Having established the unnecessary need for an all-black attire to a funeral, there are still some protocols you should follow when dressing your toddler in preparation to attend a funeral. 

Toddler Wear To a Funeral

Most Funerals take place at the church and those that don’t have a church setting. Having a pair of slacks and Suits for that little pumpkin can be an excellent clothing idea. 

Does your King have a Suit that he wears to formal events like weddings or dinners? If yes, that could be an excellent wear for the funeral provided the weather isn’t too hot.

Complement it with a black shoe and a beautiful dress pants. 

However, suits are not necessary, your toddler can appear in a simple dress shirt, and a presentable pair of khakis or other kinds of dress pants can do. 

What Toddlers Should and Should Not Wear To Funerals

To fully guide you as to what your toddler should wear to a funeral, we will state out the Dos and Don’ts of dressing kids for funerals. 

  • Advised; Suits

As we mentioned earlier, Suits are an excellent choice for kids when dressing up for formal events. You can dress up that little kid in a nice 3-piece-suit and a simple dress pants. 

Loafers are alright and simple. Something cool and calm for the mood. 

  • Not advised; Shorts

Avoid putting on shorts for your toddler. Consider that it’s not some playing avenue and requires a respectful dressing. 

However, in scorching weather, shorts can be considered, but plain coloured. Try to avoid shorts with loud colours like deep and light blue, purple. These colours do not align with the mood of the occasion and should be substituted for neutral coloured shorts.

  • Advised; Button-up Shirts

Simple button-up shirts in white or some other neutral colour is an excellent choice of wear to a funeral. 

Chosen shirts can come in full-length sleeves or short sleeves. However, ensure a long sleeve is selected when the weather is cold. 

As earlier emphasized, avoid shirts with bright colours or famous logos on them. A further trial at looking cool can be achieved by adding a cool tie with little or no pattern. 

  • Not Advised; T-shirts

T-shirts aren’t fit for the funerals or memorials; their place is at the playground. They don’t communicate or align with the mood of these formal events, and they often come in bright colours. 

If the weather is extremely hot, a short sleeve shirt is preferable to wearing a T-Shirt. 

  • Advised; Formal Shoes

What formal footwear is great for funerals? Toddlers should be provided with shoes that are enclosed and do not reveal their toes. 

Infants formal footwear should be chosen in either black, navy, grey, or white. However, the style and structure of the shoe can matter also. Loafers can be a great option here. 

  • Not Advised; Sandals, Flip flops and Sneakers.

Just like T-shirts, most of these footwears belong to the playground. They are not appropriate for toddlers to wear to memorial or funeral. 

Conclusively, deciding to take your toddler along to a funeral is a sensitive step. While most believe it to be a way of acquainting the little kid with the reality of life, some fear it could cause a form of trauma or uneasiness for the child. 

As a parent or guardian, understand the kid well before deciding to take him along and ensure to keep a tab on his whereabouts at the funeral if you eventually decide to take him along.

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