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What Should Boys Wear to Weddings

Sometimes the girls in the house are the only one enthusiastic about weddings. But the boys can make a surprising declaration of interest too. Don’t be surprised, instead, prepare to make it a fantastic experience for them. However, often, girls don’t give their parents the headache of wondering what to wear, boys, on the other […]

What Should a Teenager Wear to a Wedding

Children’s entry into the teen stage comes with different physical and behavioural changes. One is their interest in going to public events. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if your girl or boy decides to ditch Nickelodeon to follow you to a wedding, instead what you should get busy with is what a teenager should […]

What Should a 13 Year Old Boy Wear to a Wedding

You suddenly break the news of your cousin’s wedding to your husband in the living room, and your busy teen boy suddenly gives the never-seen-before interest of wanting to go. Wow! It can be surprising. Choosing a wedding over Netflix and hot video games is a thing. It’s time to prepare him for his first […]

What should a 12 year Old boy wear to a wedding

Imagine your 12 year old boy called upon to be the best man or the ring bearer? Or he decides to want to attend the much spoken about wedding in the house? It’s great news! He’s beginning to find fun and entertainment in other places. But what should a 12 year old wear to a […]

What should a 10 year Old boy wear to a wedding

Weddings are exciting and entertaining occasions that get the attention of adults and kids. However, going to a wedding requires a planned and specially picked outfit. Often, adults don’t find the choice of cloth bothering, but the worry sometimes comes when the young lad wants to tag along. A 10 year old interested in attending […]