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What Should An 11 Year Old Boy Wear To A Wedding

Thoughts about what a kid should where to occasions can be a big problem for parents sometimes. Having endless thoughts and brain-racking about what your 11 year old boy should wear to a wedding can be tiring.  Understanding the scope of children dressing and style is a sure way to escape this tiring deliberation and […]

What Shoe Size For 3 Year Old Wear

Getting a perfect fit for a child can be hard sometimes. The fact that children outgrow their wear in no tine also complements the uncertainty on what shoe size would fit a child. Looking at What shoe size for a 3 year old, there are various considerations to be made before and when choosing wear […]

Should kids be able to wear whatever they want?

Coping with kids’ wants and necessities is one of the tasks faced by parents and guardians. There is a certain period when kids are allowed to make harmless choices, even if they are contrary to their parents’ wants. However, kids should be prepped on certain things expected of them. Should they go anywhere they want? […]

At What Age Should A Child Pick Out Their Own Clothes?

It is always cute and impressive to see a child perform some tasks for the first time, whether eating with a spoon, learning to put on shoes or to walk and cruise around, How to determine if it is a dress or boys suits. Meanwhile, there are physical and mental developments we expect from children. […]

Teaching Dressing Skills For Preschoolers

It seems as though kids cannot wait to get to do anything. Kids are very adventurous right from the moment they get to crawl, and they are almost everywhere trying to explore and do things on their own.  The self-dressing should be introduced to preschoolers as early as possible though it doesn’t mean they will […]