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Will You Be My Page Boy Gifts?

There is no particular process of securing a page boy for a wedding. It only begins with a proper request, which would be received by the parents of the intended page boy. However, there are cute ways to go about this. Ways that can’t be rejected, they are by offering page boy gifts.  Let’s see […]

Whats a Page Boy in a Wedding

  It’s okay to ask what a page boy at a wedding is. There are various roles taken by little boys and adults in a wedding.  These roles help to beautify and complement the loving nature of weddings. But understanding them is essential if we want to ensure the proper practice of the part by […]

What is The Little Boy in a Wedding Called

What feeling comes when you see adorable children tossing the flowers and having an exciting playtime in their formal occasion wears? This feeling has helped in promoting the practice of giving children one role or the other in weddings. However, the little boy in a wedding can be called specific names depending on the role […]

What Is The Difference Between Page Boy and Ring Bearer?

Roles at weddings can be confusing at times. Understanding the difference between a page boy and a ring bearer can be hard with their similar style and roles.  These roles are carried out by kids to give weddings a lively touch as the presence of children is seen as a blessing.  However, a misconception sometimes […]

Flower Girl and Page Boy Outfits

The conventional style of wedding is to have one or more children as significant partners around the bride and groom. The Flower Girl and Page Boy are one of these important figures used in beautifying weddings. Meanwhile, their significant roles make one wonder what flower girl and page boy outfits should be.  Expectedly, dressing is […]