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Will You Be My Page Boy Gifts?

There is no particular process of securing a page boy for a wedding. It only begins with a proper request, which would be received by the parents of the intended page boy. However, there are cute ways to go about this. Ways that can’t be rejected, they are by offering page boy gifts.  Let’s see […]

How to measure a boy for a suit

Suits are unique wears suitable for formal occasions. Measuring a boy for an outfit can prove hard and complicated without a proper understanding of how it is done. We will take you on a cruise to learn how to measure a boy for a suit. It’s generally believed that wearing a suit is gentlemanly. This […]

What is The Little Boy in a Wedding Called

What feeling comes when you see adorable children tossing the flowers and having an exciting playtime in their formal occasion wears? This feeling has helped in promoting the practice of giving children one role or the other in weddings. However, the little boy in a wedding can be called specific names depending on the role […]

What do Boys Wear to Formals

Different occasions can require different dress styles. Events like weddings, funerals and cooperate meetings are examples of formals events. Kids and adults can be invited or show interest in attending these occasions. However, when talking about boys who aren’t familiar with the dressing styles yet, parents and guardians have to face the question – What […]