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Whats a Page Boy in a Wedding

  It’s okay to ask what a page boy at a wedding is. There are various roles taken by little boys and adults in a wedding.  These roles help to beautify and complement the loving nature of weddings. But understanding them is essential if we want to ensure the proper practice of the part by […]

What Do Boys Wear To Weddings

Sometimes, the question about what boys wear to weddings can be worrying to parents and guardians.  We know we often don’t have to worry about formals because those boys prefer being behind TV and computer to going to formals. However, like a new dawn, there comes the time they begin to show interest in seeing […]

What Should a Child Wear to a Wedding

Contemplating on what a child should wear to a wedding can be bothering. Parents and guardians often face complications in choosing a dress style for children. This choice shouldn’t be hard, at least not anymore, since you have come across this article on children wear to a wedding. It’s important to state an interesting correlation […]

Can Kids Wear Whites To Weddings

Whether Kids can wear whites to Weddings or not is one of the contemplation that parents and guardians sometimes have to face.  Understandably, the fear is there. The fear of the kid not returning with a peppered white dress shirt is sometimes resonating in the mind of parents.  However, the beauty and complement that whites […]