Should kids be able to wear whatever they want?

Coping with kids’ wants and necessities is one of the tasks faced by parents and guardians. There is a certain period when kids are allowed to make harmless choices, even if they are contrary to their parents’ wants. However, kids should be prepped on certain things expected of them. Should they go anywhere they want? Should they do whatever they like? Should they be able to wear whatever they want?

These questions are essential to the physical and mental development of a child; therefore, they deserve our attention and consideration. 

With different angles and perspectives of concern, these abilities matter in respect to the safety and mental state of a child. Why? Whatever you allow your child to do freely, without parental supervision, becomes part of his traits and behaviour. 

It gets worsened if these behaviours and acts are not addressed and contained. 

However, looking at the aspect of clothing, we will be looking at the surrounding elements of whether kids should be able to wear whatever they want or not. 

Benefits of children self-dressing themselves

The ability to decide to wear appropriate clothing and go for it is a sign of mental and physical growth and development. 

Ability to move and choose whatever they want to wear signifies that they understand the linear and step by step logic of choosing and wearing clothes. 

This ability also shows that they have developed a sense of control and independence. 

Clearly, they can help minimize your time usage on a busy Monday morning by dressing themselves up while you take on other necessary responsibilities.

Kids being able to wear whatever they want shows they have a sense of taste, however bad or ugly it may be. 

Understanding clothing elements by colour, shape, or material shows kids have these elements registered in their memory and can use this knowledge to choose their wear. 

Should kids be able to wear whatever they want

Here comes the big question – “Should kids be able to wear whatever they want?”

 For a parent to answer this, they have to be sure of their kid’s understanding of a few elements concerning clothes and some environmental, social factors and Yoyokiddies is one of the UK’s best qualities for boys suits.

  • Weather hazards

While kids should be given the liberty to choose their choice of clothes, they should be made to understand the types of clothes to be worn in certain weather conditions. 

Choosing to wear a cotton vest during winter should be outrightly corrected and avoided. Your kid might greet this decision with a fuss or tantrum, probably because the wear has his favourite cartoon character drawn on it, try to enlighten him on the hazard of exposure to cold.  You can playfully use examples. However, the outcome, do not let him or her wear it.

  • Combinations

Did your kid choose to wear an outrageous combination of clothes? While this does not have any health hazard, the norm should be followed if you don’t want your king to be seen as a laughing stock. 

Also, not monitoring your kid’s choice of clothes can lead to movement complications or discomfort. 

Did she choose to wear a long slim gown and a fitted jean trouser? Toppling it with a look-alike crop top she saw in a kiddies drama? She might find it uncomfortable later in the day. Think about having to piss, and the materials seem to be giving a hard time coming off. 

  • Modesty

When the societal norm and expectation is considered, one might second guess the total freedom of letting kids wear whatever they want. 

Kids sometimes base their dressing patterns and choices on what they see on the media. 

Exposure to Adult rated TV content can further push a kid to choose to dress as characters in the TV. 

While this might not affect all children, some of them innocently imitate these dressing patterns when not supervised by their parents. 

Conclusively, the concern for kids’ safety should not be overemphasized to the extent of submerging their need for freedom and control of some part of their life. Instead, parents should learn to tactically convince and educate their kids about the reasons why they should wear and not wear certain clothes. 

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