Whats a Page Boy in a Wedding


It’s okay to ask what a page boy at a wedding is. There are various roles taken by little boys and adults in a wedding. 

These roles help to beautify and complement the loving nature of weddings. But understanding them is essential if we want to ensure the proper practice of the part by selected kids.  

Let’s say you get a call or text from a close relative, requesting your permission to allow your adorable 4-year-old take on the role of a page boy in a wedding. 

That is some lovely development, particularly for the selected cutie. The kid gets to have an experience of how being significant at an occasion feels like. 

Meanwhile, adequate preparation is key to having your boy ready for the role. Meanwhile, how do you get ready when you don’t know what a page boy in a wedding.

Page Boy Duties

It isn’t as demanding as it sounds. Duties in this context do not require heavy tasks. We all don’t want that adorable boy breaking down. 

What is mostly needed of page boys in a wedding is their cute presence and angelic composure. 

He is not expected to carry out any particular designated task than to perform the natural duty of walking – down the aisle, with a smile, if the eyes don’t drain his confidence.

A page boy can be mistaken for a ring bearer sometimes. A ring bearer is an adorable kid that is handed over the ring in expectation of having it delivered to the celebrants. 

A page boy, simply, like a King, is to lead the walk down the aisle and have the train follow him. 

Page Boy Wears

This role sounds very much unique because it puts the child at the centre of attraction. This reason then makes it essential for the right and befitting dress style. 

Boys suits does the magic. How is that feeling when you see an adorable boy walk down in a creamy and fitting suit, a creamy tie and a white dress shirt? And when your eyes meet nicely tailored dress pants on a well-polished shoe? You are sure to have that admiring look. 

However, a page boy doesn’t necessarily have to be dressed in a Suit, a simple dress shirt, a jacket, and a bow tie can work the magic. 

Also, lace shoes are very much welcome, especially when the boy is below 4 and needs a firm grip on his feet to feel comfortable when practising his role throughout the wedding.

Page Boy Role Behind The Scene

With the sole aim of giving a lively touch to weddings, children are given roles. However, these roles can be divided into different times of the wedding day. 

A page boy can bless the groom with lovely pre-wedding pictures in the morning of the day. 

Talk about having the cutie dress up at the groom’s lodge and take some charming and adorable pictures of them dressing up. 

Meanwhile, this might not be as easy as being said; a young page boy might find it hard to cope with being dressed by men around. 

It’s best to seek the mother’s advise on which would be better; to have him dressed at the groom’s or home and meet the groom when its; near to the ceremony. 

Does A He Get A Gift?

It’s natural to want to give out gifts to kids when they undertake specific roles. Page boys can be given gifts too, but the groom or bride mostly presents it.

Guests might wish to give also, especially in remarkable situations where the little boy at the wedding performs well. But most are unable to give, because they did not plan it. 

Meanwhile, giving a page boy a gift is not mandatory. It is entirely within the decision of the bride or groom whether they wish to or not. 

Understanding the role and duties of a page boy isn’t all it takes to make for a successful performance. The chosen boy should be prepped, especially by his mother on what is expected of him. 

Is the boy the playful type and has the potential of bolting or chasing after a loose balloon in the chase after a balloon in the air while walking down the aisle? Then it would help if you put more time into getting him ready. 

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