How To Style a Tuxedo For Children

Tuxedo For Children

You might think using a tuxedo for your boy is too formal classic wear. With its traditional form, satin fabric, and specialised pieces, it can be daunting to pick it over other more versatile choices in many events. But, while tuxedos reserve the right to that formal outlook, you can introduce a charming one into your child’s wardrobe for some important occasions if you know how to style it. And trust us at yoyokiddies; it’s not a hard thing once you know the tricks. Whether you are getting him a tuxedo suit for a late- night party or a formal event, follow this comprehensive article on how to do it right. Eventually, a black tuxedo might become his reliable go-to in events which, after all this time, you have been picking suits that do not stand out as the smart-looking tuxedos.

Make It Classic

What makes tuxedos shine isn’t just their fit and sharp look. It’s the combination of many elements that make it perfectly classic wear. To benefit from tuxedos charm fully, make it charmingly classic for your little kid by picking notch lapels and a single-breasted jacket. Also, make sure that the trousers feature a single silk stripe that runs down their sides. This is a remarkable mark of any refined tuxedos. But, don’t forget the essential ‘’fit’’ look. Unlike many suits, tuxedos do not capture the classic look with a slightly loose structure. Instead, pick a jacket that fit sharply with your boy’s shoulder-length, and get fit trousers that dress him neatly as well.

Picking the Shoes

Since every element matters, the type of shoes that go along with a tuxedo have a huge say on what the style is pulling off. Don’t coordinate the tuxedo with shoes that have an unsuitable colour or which are not shined well. The shiny, black colour that Polished Oxford shoes have, for example, is perfect and picturesque. With them, your little gentleman will impress the catchy tradition that tuxedos are known for. Even when these are not available, you can substitute them with patent leather shoes that reflect the tuxedo’s desired style. In a way, that also suggests that there is no need for shoes with elaborate puncturing or stitching as they don’t go along with the tuxedo tradition.

Collar and Cuffs

When you pick the white shirt that has turned down and pointed collars, it will help you use a bow-tie that fits the shirt. But, by using winged collars, you can risk having a revealed band that spoils the self-tied bow-tie charm. So, stay with the former. As for the cuffs, French cuffs are the simplest yet the most suitable for little tuxedos. The cufflinks that seal their look are also important. They are considered part of the accessories, and that’s why they exist in a variety of shapes and colours. But, what should you choose to complete the look? It is recommended to pick black or white cufflinks or charming silver ones that can fit the black and white colours in tuxedos. But, golden cufflinks are never recommended.

Ties or Bow-ties

You might think you have a choice, but you don’t if you want to go for a classic look. You have to always use bow-ties in styling a classic tuxedo for your little boy. If you break the rule, then you will be left with an unsuitable style that defies a long-held tradition that people’s eyes are too accustomed to. Usually, the material of the bow-tie is made of satin, but other times, you can grab a bow-tie made of grosgrain. Your choice should take into consideration the facing of the tuxedo jacket, which should be identical to the bow-ties material. The colour of the bow-tie is preferably black to perfect the tuxedo’s overall style.

Waistcoat or Cummberbund

Many elements can turn into a tuxedo fine wear, but that is not going to be a cummberbund. If you need your child to look extra charming, use a boys waistcoat. Otherwise, use none because a cummberbund is an obsolete piece that might be suitable only for adults in an extravagant event.

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