How To Measure A Child For Clothes

Indisputably, clothes are essential for kids, just like it is for adults. Talking about children’s clothing, a parent or guardian needs to know certain things. This article is about how to measure a child for clothes.

A lot goes into making a child look gorgeous and stunning. What most people see is the beautiful or handsome looking kid sitting or walking next to his mum. Meanwhile, a lot of hard work went into creating the cute appearance people see.

Clothes are one of the materials that complement the beauty of children. It’s an essential material that serves irreplaceable roles in the lives of children and adults. This is why entities like Yoyokiddies dedicate their entire services to providing varieties of excellent children wear especially in boys suits.

Basically, for protection against the weather or the temperature of a particular room or environment, clothes grew to serve other purposes. Fashion and Culture are two elements that can be expressed through the use of clothes.

Understanding Child Clothing Size

Having given Clothes its deserved recognition, one major deciding factor in choosing or sowing a cloth material is size.

Just like adults, children also have particular cloth sizes which must be considered before sowing or buying them clothes. Below is a table of clothing sizes for children’s’ age-grades;

Average AgeLenght
NewbornBirth – 2 weeks Up to 21.5  inches
0  –  3 months2 weeks  –  3 months19    – 23  inches
 3  –  6 months3  –  6  months24  –  26  inches
 6  –  9 months6  –  9  months27  –  28  inches
  9 – 12 months9   –   12  months 29  –  30  inches
12 – 18 months12   –  18  months31  –  32  inches
 18   –   24  months
18   –  24  months33  –  35  inches

The above table is sure to guide you further in understanding your child’s clothing size better. Just like the logic used when measuring shoe size for a 10-year-old, despite having an average shoe size number, actual measurement of his feet will further assure you of the size you should go for. 

In clothing also, measuring your child is an exact method of getting an accurate clothing size. Let’s discuss how to measure your child for clothes.

Factors to consider before measuring your child  

Before going deep into this, though, there are factors to consider when measuring your child. These factors have both short and long term impacts on your child. Therefore it’s essential to keep them at the back of your mind when carrying out your child’s measurement.

  • Comfortability and ease of removal: While measuring a child for clothes, it’s vital to put into consideration the comfort of the child.
  • Giving extra room should be considered to avoid stiffness and difficulty when taking clothes off.
  • Outgrowing before cloth wears out: When measuring a child for clothing, another consideration is the projection of the child’s body growth.

Although this can be hard to figure out, it’s advisable to give extra room for possible growth. This is to avert the situation of the child outgrowing the cloth without being able to wear it for long.

How to Measure a Child for clothes

To make this understandable and straightforward, we will single out the essential parts to measure on a child. These measurements should be duly noted and documented as you could forget the varying numbers of the kid’s body regions.


To accurately measure a child’s chest:

  • Place the measurement tape underneath the child’s arm
  • Now pass it across his chest or breastbone till it goes around and links where it started
  • Advisably, leave a two-finger gap for room to permit free movement and allow for a long time use of the cloth in case the child increases in size.


To measure a child’s waist;

  • Place the measurement tape around the child’s waistline
  • Make sure it’s slightly loose and not stiff
  • Begin to measure just above his belly
  • It’s advisable to add two fingers to give room for free movement and possibly growth


To measure a child’s hip;

  • Place the tape measure around his hips and butt.
  • Also, endeavour to add two extra finger room to the measurement.

Measuring the length of a child

Measuring a child’s leg is equally crucial because trousers have their clothing size also. While girls don’t necessarily need to measure the length of their leg for a skirt, the length measurement guide is useful for gowns. This guide will help measure the trouser length of both gender and a gown for girls;

To measure for trouser;

  • Have the child stand up straight without looking down.
  • Place the tape measure on the child’s hip.
  • Make your way down with it till it reaches his ankle.
  • It’s advisable to add 2 – 3 inches in case the child grows faster than expected

Measuring a girl for gown

To measure a girl for a gown, the chest, waist, and hips measurement we discussed above are to be maintained. However, a shoulder to ankle measurement is to be made. To do this;

  • Place the tape measure on her shoulder.
  • Making sure she doesn’t look down at the floor, extend the tape down to reach any preferred length.

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