How Many Clothes To Buy Before Baby Is Born

The joy of expecting a baby is unquantifiable. However, expecting mothers often have to make plans for the fast-approaching King or queen. 

Decisions about which room to place the newborn and what temperature it should be, having to get baby foods and products amongst other necessities. One major question, however, is – How many clothes should be bought before baby is born? 

In planning for babies, special consideration should be made to their clothes. This consideration is because babies grow exceptionally fast, and buying small-sized clothes can be a waste in the long run. 

To fully understand this growth speed, let’s take a look at the average growth rate and cloth size between birth and 12 months.

AgeHeight   (cm)
 Height    (inches)
Newborn 60 cm 23.5
0 –  3   months  62 cm
3  –  6   months68 cm  
6  –  9   months74 cm
  9  – 12  months80 cm

Factors to consider in deciding the number of clothes before birth

  • Laundry routine

In deciding on how many clothes to buy before your baby is born, you have to put into consideration how often you are willing to do laundry. This factor makes a big difference in how you budget the number of clothes for your unborn baby. Therefore, going by your laundry routine, you might need more or fewer baby clothes. 

If you do the laundry every day, you can cut the number of gears in half. 

However, if you intend to wash once in a week, doubling the number is the ideal decision

  • Size

When deciding to buy clothes, don’t be bothered about your baby’s cloth not nicely fitting her. Many newborn babies outgrow their exact sized clothes within a month. 

Choosing an average size should be further complemented by adding extra inches and centimetres in the case of birthing a bigger baby boy or girl. 

It’s best to choose 0 – 3 months of clothing size when adding cloths to the registry. This size grade usually fits babies between 12 and 13 lbs. 

How many clothes to buy before baby is born

However, in deciding the number of outfits, consideration should be made to the current or anticipated season the baby will be born into.

 Let’s take a drive through the amount and type of clothes to buy before the baby is born.

  • Six Body Suits 

In summer, bodysuits are easy and no fuss materials. 

With six of this, you will always have fresh ones on the ground if you have to wash a couple of clothes a week.

 They serve as basic layer outfits in the winter also and come with a long-sleeve option. 

  • Four to six Pants

Babies don’t necessarily have to wear pants often. However, having a few at hand to pull over bodysuits is good to keep his legs warm when the weather is chilly.

  • Two Hats

Hats are important clothing to keep the newborn warm. They are more useful in the early weeks to a few months after birth. 

With two, you can have one in the laundry and one fresh one in case the other is yet to dry.

  • Three Sleepers, Gowns or Footies

For sound nighttime, it’s important to get moderate lightweight wears to keep the baby warm, but not too hot. Cosy pyjamas or sleepers are best for play periods. 

Complementing these with a swaddle for bedtime in colder climates is advised. 

  • Three Sweatshirts or Sweaters

Getting the anticipated baby a sweater or sweatshirt is excellent when the air is chilled, and the fact that it’s easy to remove when the baby feels too warm makes it the right choice.

  • A Bunting Sack

If your baby happens to make an exit during winter, he would need at least one layer of warm outerwear. 

It’s recommended to prepare a full-body to outwear for the cold season to make sure your child stays snug. 

  • A bootie

Although babies don’t need shoes until they start to walk, a bootie isn’t harmful to keep her leg warm 

  • Two lightweight Blankets

During summer, the safest way to shield your baby from the harsh sun is with a muslin blanket or light cotton. Draping it over your baby when in her carrier or stroller helps keep her skin covered. 

  • A Sun hat

If a blanket cannot be used, employ the use of a sun hat to keep your incoming baby covered. Buying one with a wide brim, so it fits snugly is best to avoid it falling off.

In summary, plan to get this number of wears


  • Six bodysuits
  • Four to six pants
  • Three pairs of socks
  • Three sleepers, gowns or footies
  • Two hats

For Winter

  • Three Sweaters or sweatshirts
  • One bunting sack
  • One bootie
  • Two additional socks

For summer

  • Two lightweight blankets
  • Two hats


  • Occasion outfit

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