Flower Girl and Page Boy Outfits

The conventional style of wedding is to have one or more children as significant partners around the bride and groom. The Flower Girl and Page Boy are one of these important figures used in beautifying weddings. Meanwhile, their significant roles make one wonder what flower girl and page boy outfits should be. 

Expectedly, dressing is an essential aspect o formal occasions like weddings. More important it is if one is to take on a role that puts them at the centre of attraction. 

The flower girl and page boy both have important roles that considerably impact the mood and view of weddings. 

Talk of having a cute boy and girl around you all through, having to carry them at some stage and looking perfect with your just wedded or about to wed man. 

Meanwhile, some roles require certain dressing styles. Understanding the flower girl and page boy roles will help arrive at several suitable dress options for them.

Role of Flower Girl at a Wedding

Little girls have a naturally beautiful look. This nature gives them the top seats when considerations are made as to who to pick for specific roles in a wedding. 

The flower girl is often between the age of 3 and 10. Just like the page boy, they are solely brought on stage to beautify and give life to weddings. 

Unlike the page boy, the flower girl holds the flower and sprinkles it when leading the bride’s train down the aisle. 

They are often paired with the page boy and holds hands together as they walk. 

Role of Page Boy at a Wedding

The page boy takes on a simple and impactful role at a wedding. 

The role requires no hectic or tiring activity from the boy. He walks down the aisle with the flower girl and then has the bride walk behind them. 

You are being informed of an entrance, and you look to expect the bride or groom and whom you see is an innocently looking 4-year-old in a comfortable Suit dress and beautiful dress pants. 

You raise your head high to take a full look, and your eyes caught his sparkling shoes, and all you do is admire. 

That is a role on its part, to give you that sweet feeling and most importantly, to lay the ground for the bride’s entrance. 

The page boy doesn’t have to hold anything while walking. Although, planners can be creative and have him hold a sign, informing the guests of the bride’s entrance. 

For a five-year-old to 7-year-old page boy who could handle wedding sparkers, he could be handed one to beautify the scene further. 

Flower Girl Outfits

Now that you understand the flower girl’s role, you know that a beautiful party dress is essential. 

You can dress the flower girl in whatever you feel is awesome and beautiful. But consideration should be made to the dress code, and whites should be given a dominance as it aligns with what the bride’s train will be wearing. 

A flower girl could be dressed in a lovely white gown, silver necklace and beautiful dress shoes. What about having some beautiful flower decorations in the form of a crown put on her head? Sounds great.

Page Boy Outfits

The page boy best looks great in formal wear. The right selection of formals including Suit, dress shirt, tie, dress pants and well-polished dress shoes will do the magic. 

Talk of a 3-piece-suit on a 5-year-old, a white dress shirt, black tie, lovely dress pants and a brogue shoe.

The page boy could be much more younger and require something simple like dress shirts, a bow tie, a suspender and some lace-up shoes to allow for ease when walking around. 

Conclusively, when choosing a flower girl and page boy outfits for a wedding, consultations should be made to concerned parties as to whether they would like a particular dress style or decoration on the kid. 

Preparation should, however, be made so that the kids can perform as expected. Although close relatives are often chosen for these roles, it is better to select kids who you are confident, to a considerable extent, that they won’t get scared or shy upon facing the crowd. 

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