Flower Boy Ideas For A Wedding

You probably have an adorable young King that has been chosen to be the flower boy at a friend or relative’s wedding, and then you start to wonder how to dress him up to match expectations. We will be discussing flower boy ideas for a wedding and how to achieve them. 

In dressing up a boy who has been chosen as a flower boy, enquiries should first be made from concerned parties, the groom especially, as to whether he has a preference concerning what the boy should wear. 

In the event of no preferential dress style by the groom, consideration should be made to the dress code, if there is any. 

At a certain point in the wedding, flower boys appear before the crowd and can be seen closely with the groom – who would undoubtedly draw attention. This appearance is why special attention should be made to how a flower boy is dressed up. 

The role of a Flower Boy

The convention is always to have a beautiful lively girl walk down the aisle with the bridal train behind her. 

However, in recent times, a twist was made to the narrative. 

As if the little girls can’t be fully trusted to take on the lead without halting or bolting at the middle, boys are now being chosen to fill this position. 

So when the little girl in the house seems to be a little bit shy and unsure of the task, an alternative is a King. 

However, there are few ideas to balance this change, to give the boy a compelling and noticeable appearance despite taking on a usually girls’ role. 

Flower Boy Dressing Style For A Wedding

There are different dressing ideas to bring out a flower boy in.

From magical Suits to stunning tuxedo and lovely brogues, let’s check out how a flower boy can dress to kill the role.

Interestingly, he doesn’t have to walk down the aisle in a conventional way – with petals and its accompanying charades.

Check out these ideas for a flower boy;

  • Be creamy

That was a cool dramatic idea to feed guests’ eyes. How should the boy particularly be seen? 

The flower boy’s appearance matters a lot and should be taken seriously.

Should our boy appear in a basic dress shirt and some random dress pants? Oh, complemented with a usual loafer? The couples sure wouldn’t be happy. 

Meanwhile, imagine a cute 7-year-old in a creamy jacket with a creamy tie, white dress shirt, nicely tailored dress pants and richly polished brogues? “He is about to steal the bride!!”, a guest might scream. 

This dressing idea is very much close to wearing an all-white as is the practice when girls take on the role.

  • Go classic

Another idea in making a flower boy appear stunning is to dress him up in simple dress pants, tailored white dress shirt, a bow tie and a suspender. A lovely shoe for his age would top it all up. Now imagine an adorable 4-year-old in this fabulous outfit. 

  • Suit Up

Suits cannot be found missing in this. It is one of the most common flower boy ideas for a wedding. 

Let’s have that 5-year-old walk down the aisle with the ladies in a Suit, a nice jacket and white dress shirt and a bow tie.

 How complete would it look with black dress pants and great leatherwood sole shoe? You are sure to get answers from admiring guests.

Stage Ideas for Flower Boys

Apart from dressing styles, there are other packages one can try out in making the experience an amazing one for the boy. Check them below;

  • Written Signs for Petals

If you happen to choose a boy old enough to claim he doesn’t want to spray or carry a flower as usual, you can have him hold a nicely designed cardboard sign with letters – here comes the bride. 

  • Wedding Sparklers

Sometimes the bigger plan can be carried out if the boy is slightly older and confidently able to carry a wedding sparkler. How lovely would that sight be, you can imagine. 

Conclusively, in selecting a boy for the role, ensure he is prepped up and ready for the process. Practice and encouragement are critical. You can have all ideas in place, but your King has to be prepared to take on the role.

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