What Is The Difference Between Page Boy and Ring Bearer?

Roles at weddings can be confusing at times. Understanding the difference between a page boy and a ring bearer can be hard with their similar style and roles. 

These roles are carried out by kids to give weddings a lively touch as the presence of children is seen as a blessing. 

However, a misconception sometimes occurs as to the role and function of a page boy and a ring bearer. 

The two roles have their differences but first, let’s take you through their similarities. 


We all know the two roles are undertaken by adorable children whose cute appearance is used to incite a sweet and loving feeling. Some of the similarities in chosen page boys and ring bearers are below;

  • Undertaken by close relations

Grooms and brides are cautious about selecting a page boy or ring bearer. They make sure to choose the best fit, and close relations often end up being the best pick.

This mode of selection is understandable when the importance of the role is considered. We wouldn’t want to pick an unfamiliar boy who would be hard to prepare ahead before the task. 

  • Age

Age is another similarity between page boys and ring bearers. Do you sometimes get scared and uncertain about the next step or act a little one can make during a sensitive and intense situation? Yes, that’s how it feels when a very young kid is selected to be a page boy. 

The risk is worth it though, babies are adorable and would arouse the sweet loving feeling from guests as they lead the bridal train down the aisle. 

However, page boys and ring bearers typically have an age range. Having a boy above seven might not arouse this feeling as much. This factor is why the age range for these roles are often pegged around 3 – 7 years old. 

  • Dress Style

Ring bearers and page boys are best impressing in formal attire. This dress style complements the formal nature of weddings and helps to exude the children’s cute and adorable stance much more than when in casuals or play clothes. 

Why not let us quickly brush through what these two can wear to weddings. Choosing a dress for page boys or ring bearers can be tedious. 

However, the groom or bride should be asked about their idea of dressing for the kid if they have any.

In the case of none, check out an online store for amazing and befitting Kids formal wears.

A creamy jacket, creamy tie, white dress shirt and beautiful dress pants can complement a page boy’s adorable look. An elegant and comfortable shoe for the 5-year-old would finalize this outfit. 

  • Compensations

The two role performers are both likely to receive gifts from the bride or groom, mainly when they perform in an impressive and no hitch way. 

Different Roles of the Page Boy And Ring Bearer

Irrespective of their similarities, the role of the page boy and ring bearer have their difference. Fondly, our American friends find it easy and usual to interchangeably call the page boy a ring bearer and vice versa.

But there is a significant difference between the two roles. 

A page boy solely performs the duty of walking in the bride and her train along the aisle. He could be given petals, which in recent times, is no more the case. 

Instead, he could be handed a sign, one that reads; here comes the bride or the bride is here or anything that signifies the entrance of the bride. 

Another alternative to making a grand entry is to handle a wedding sparker. This method is often handled by older children who have the might to carry the sparker. 

A ring bearer, on the other hand, has the sole responsibility of delivering the rings to the couples. 

While the page boy might walk with free hands, or hold a sign or a sparker, the ring bearer has only one object, the rings. 

The rings carried by a ring bearer could be a lookalike of the actual rings stuffed in a small cushion. If they were to be the real rings, they would be tacked up with a thread on the pillow to avoid the kid misplacing them while walking.

Conclusively, both roles have the same general motive and effect on guests. Little ones are used mainly to arouse the feelings of the guests and also to give the day a unique and bright mood with the presence of beautiful and adorable children. 

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