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“>Very gorgeous dresses for flower girls with lovely colours, beautifully tailored to fit. Designed to ensure proper fit for any special occasions. From delicate lace to delicate and soft cotton, we stock it all, plus they come in different colours. Our flower girls dresses will make any young girl look spectacular!

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Picking Flower Girls Dresses

Have you got a wedding soon? Or maybe you intend to go to a ceremony with your little daughter? Whichever it is, you know that the party will lack all the charm it needs without that “flower girl dress” for your little girl. Here at Yoyokiddies Clothing, our flower girl dresses are both adorable and great souvenir to keep. Whether it’s your daughter, niece, or someone you have a special bond with, there few things we would want you to know before picking a flower girl dress for her. Knowledge of the dress fabric, style, colour, sizes, to the season of the ceremony, every detail will contribute to making a perfect choice. So, to give you a hand, we have listed for you the most important things to keep in mind before selecting a flower girl dress.

Is The Dress Suitable?

A flower girl dress is a tough thing precisely because it has to match the theme of the party or ceremony. Before you choose the style of the dress, ask yourself whether the wedding will be traditional? Modern? or is this just a beach party where the girl’s dress will match your own? Make sure that the dress matches the colours and style of bridesmaid’s dresses if it’s a traditional wedding. In an open-air beach party, it’s very suitable for the flower girl dress to have light colours, a simple design, and be comfortable for the girl. Sometimes the age of the girl is a factor in choosing the style too, so if it’s a young child, you might want to make the dress adorable and comfortable rather than overly fancy. Remember to contact us if you don’t find the size you are looking for.

Is The Flower Girl Dress Fabric Great?

As your flower girl will be walking down the aisle of the wedding ceremony and throwing flower petals, her dress will be either gorgeous and comfortable or a living hell for her. If you want her to do her duty well, the material has to be not only airy and soft, like our dresses, but also wrinkle-free and high quality. It’s definitely not a good choice if the fabric is cheap, stiff, or so heavy as to burden the flower girl.

Does Flower Girl Dress have to be White?

A common colour that is traditionally used for flower girl dresses is the white colour. It usually matches the bride’s wedding dress, even when it’s in ivory colours. This makes the flower girl look like an adorable mini version of the bride. Such has been the tradition. But, this is not the rule. A flower girl dress can incorporate joyful colours such as pink, blue, or purple. We have different colours – contact us if can’t find the colour you are looking for.

Does The Dress Fit the Season?

The season when the ceremony will be held will decide a good deal of the details of the flower girl dress. If it’s going to be in winter, pick a dress which has long sleeves, and buy socks that will go with the stress. Your flower girl shouldn’t get cold in such an important part of the ceremony. As for warmer seasons, a short-sleeved dress will be your perfect call. So, do your best to accommodate to it because the season sets the major mood of the ceremony.