Can Kids Wear Whites To Weddings

Whether Kids can wear whites to Weddings or not is one of the contemplation that parents and guardians sometimes have to face. 

Understandably, the fear is there. The fear of the kid not returning with a peppered white dress shirt is sometimes resonating in the mind of parents. 

However, the beauty and complement that whites give to Suits of different pieces cannot be overlooked. This factor then makes it hard to do without whites when dressing for kids. 

That is an aspect of wearing whites for kids. The other point has to do with the conventional notion that the Bride only should wear whites. 

While this can be sensitive and taken seriously by the Bride, the practice is waning and whites are gradually being allowed on girls.

However, it’s best to seek the Bride’s consent if you are planning to dress your baby girl in a white gown. 

Boys, on the other hand, have a bunch of clothing options, all of which can exude their handsomeness and confidence. 

It could occur that your baby girl isn’t among the bridal train and cannot put on white or that the Bride just doesn’t support it when asked for permission. 

While that rejection is rare, you should prepare for in case it happens. Check out the various amazing styles in which your baby girl can make an entrance to that wedding.

Girls alternative to Wearing whites to Weddings 

Let’s give the girls their much-deserved chance to make some choices about what to wear to a wedding.

Similar to what boys can wear to formals, girls are pretty much certain to get formal clothes that bring out their beauty. 

Semi-formal dress style

Usually great for weddings scheduled to take place in the evening, semi-formal attire can be all that your girl needs. It doesn’t have to be an all-white. Get the following materials for her;

  • Party dress; floral or pastel chiffon clothing is great
  • Kitten heels or Ballet flats
  • Simple jewellery like diamond studs or pearl necklace to finalise the dress

Formal Dress style

This style is a strictly formal one, and your girl stands a chance to sweep the guests off their feet with her dress even without whites. The following can do the magic for a purely formal wedding or a Black-tie wedding; 

  • Long dark colour evening dress
  • High heel shoes are best for this dress style
  • Go ahead with a rhinestone necklace or chandelier earrings
  • Match it all up with a beaded clutch. Her purse is an alternative, though.

Casual style

Your girl’s wear to a wedding can come in a casual form also. It is more flexible but not in any way unpolished or less classy. Check online for these materials if your girl agrees to go casual;

  • Casual shirt dress like a simple lace blouse with a beautiful A-line skirt
  • Ballet flats work well for her feet
  • Silver earrings complement this, and a cute leather clutch completes the dressing.

Boys alternative to Wear Whites to weddings

That said for the girls, let’s attend to the Kings and check out their various clothing options for a wedding. 

Boys Formal Wear

To make your boy stand fit and smart at the wedding ceremony, going all formal with a Suit can be all that is needed. Check an online store for this; 

  • A Grey or Dark Suit
  • A tie
  • A dress shirt
  • A dress pants
  • Belt
  • Dress shoes (Loafers, Brogues, rubber sole shoes)

Semi-Formal Boy Wear to Wedding

A boy can rock a semi-formal attire to a wedding also. This style is carried out with the help of a mixture of slightly formal wear. Go online for these materials and decide if the attire would match your boy’s elegance;

  • A nicely tailored dress shirt
  • Blazers/sports jacket is an alternative to Suit
  • Fitting dress pants
  • Brogues or Loafers
  • Belt

Black Tie

Black tie is another formal dress style a boy can wear to a wedding. To have a complete dressing of this style, a Tuxedo is compulsory. Here is a full list of wears you can pick up at an online store;

The diverse clothing options to make your baby boy or girl stand out at weddings would make you give little or no worries over whether kids can wear whites to weddings or not.

However, it’s essential to have your kid measured accurately before going to the store to get him or her clothes.

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