What Should a Baby and a Toddler Wear to a Funeral?

Understanding what a baby and a toddler should wear to a sensitive occasion like a funeral can be worrying. 

Babies and toddlers are little creatures who draw attention not only because of their cute faces but also due to their adorable wears.

Should You Follow The Norm?

Conventionally, the norm is to wear all-black attire or calm coloured clothes. However, this practice doesn’t have to be carried out by babies and toddlers.

It is no longer a necessity for all attendees of a funeral or memorial to wear black. The exceptional attendees are babies and children, however. 

Why else should the norm be overlooked? Blacks bring about heat and can be a discomfort to babies, especially in hot weather. 

Furthermore, what is the probability that your baby will get to wear that fancy all-black attire before she outgrows it? Instead, there are other clothing styles a baby or toddler can wear to a funeral. 

Meanwhile, having understood funerals to be sensitive and special occasions, there are certain etiquettes you should consider to honour and respect the event, especially concerning toddlers. 

Funeral Clothing Styles for Baby 

With the fact that getting a black baby dress can be very hard, other options for clothes are open for baby wear to a funeral. 

Would anyone give a stern face to a little pumpkin dressed in cute clothes? Most definitely not. Babies are a blessing, and their presence at funerals is very much likely to brighten up a sober face.  

You can dress your baby up in any dress but preferably not flashy. As a baby, no matter what you put her in, she would appear bright and happy, this factor cannot be subdued, and it’s a reason why babies’ wear to a funeral isn’t criticised.

How would a neutral coloured zip-up sweater with a collared shirt below fit in cold weather? Complemented with beautiful dress pants. 

Some cute baby shoes can be added to balance the little pumpkin’s dress. 

Meanwhile, sometimes you can be short of clothing ideas. This reason is why some mothers resort to putting on Easter or Christmas dress for their babies. This isn’t a bad idea but should only be used when you can’t seem to find suitable random wear.

The Dos and Don’ts of Toddler Dress Wear to a Funeral

Babies and toddlers wear to a funeral can come in different styles. This diversity is because, concerning dressing and appearance, age matters. A pretty baby can be very much adored and welcomed in colourful wear, although not advisable. 

However, on the other hand, a toddler dressed up fancily can pass across the wrong message at such a sensitive occasion. Here are a few tips on what your toddler can wear to a funeral

  • Dos; Suits

Surprised? Kids Suits are a multipurpose blessing to the children wear. They are used in diverse ways and in passing across different messages. 

Just the way your kid can wear a nice suit to a wedding, he can also calmly wear one to a funeral or memorial. 

However, it doesn’t have to be a flashy one. If available, your toddler should put on a dark suit, black dress pants. 

However, the weather could be scorching, a black short sleeve shirt is great to switch to a semi-formal dress style. 

  • Don’t; Shorts

Try as much as possible to avoid shorts. Shorts are for play and what else could match them better? Sneakers! That combination makes it appear as though your toddler is headed for the play ground. Try to avoid it. 

  • Dos; Formal shoes

Shoes say a lot about adult and children’s dressings. Just as they beautify clothes, they have their meanings and this should be considered when going to sensitive occasions like funerals. 

Formal shoes are the best fit for events like weddings, funerals, memorials dinners and other cooperate occasions. 

Having your toddler in a simple leatherwood shoe or loafers is okay for a funeral. This helps him understand the mood better and to some extent, can control his urge to tear down the garden and initiate a playful section when service is on. 

Generally, without rules or guidelines as to how your kid should dress to a wedding, how do you think the crowd would see him in a sneaker, play shorts and a T-shirt? Oops, perhaps you both mistook the event for a funfair.

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